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Brand: Cambridge University Press Model: 9781108440417
Covers the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus (0455) and the Cambridge O Level syllabus (2281), first examination from 2020. Economics relates to every aspect of our lives, from the decisions we make as individuals to the structures created by governments and firms. Thinking like an economist can help us all ..
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Brand: Cambridge University Press Model: 9781108440431
Have you ever wondered what jobs we will do in the future, or why some brands of shoes cost more than others? What about why some footballers get paid so much or why some people are poor? Explore these and many other questions as you begin your study of economics. Working in groups and on your own, ..
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Brand: Zeti Enterprise Model: 9789833485109
DescriptionBuku Teks Ekonomi Tingkatan 4 Ekonomi Form 4 Textbook National Secondary School - SMK - Nationwide..
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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics 2nd edition (ISBN: 9781510421271)
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Model: 9781510421271
This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020.Discover Economics as a real-world subject through case studies from around the world and provide in-depth coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics ..
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Model: 9781108440387
FeaturesIntroduces topics and presents economic concepts in the context of the learner, making Economics relevant to everyday life. Equips students with an understanding of the language of Economics and supports the development of their evaluative skills with essay questions. Key ter..
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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics Online Teacher's Guide (ISBN: 9781510424135)
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Model: 9781510424135
Deliver more inventive and flexible Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level lessons with a cost-effective range of online resourcesSave time planning and ensure syllabus coverage with a scheme of work, teaching activities and worksheets, and expert teaching guidance. Improve students' confi..
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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics Study and Revision Guide (for examination before 2020) (ISBN: 9781471890291)
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Model: 9781471890291
Providing guidance that helps students practice and troubleshoot their exam technique, these books send them into their exam with the confidence to aim for the best grades. Enables students to avoid common misconceptions and mistakes by highlighting them throughout Builds students' skills cons..
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Brand: Hodder Education Model: 9781510421295
Avoid common misconceptions with frequent mistakes highlighted throughout Build students' skills constructing and writing answers with a range of practice and exam-style questions Easily identify areas for improvement with the answers in the back of the book Help students target their rev..
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Model: 9781108440400
This series helps students understand economic theory, terminology and principles. By applying tools of economic analysis, undertaking calculations and writing longer responses, students learn how to look at the world like an economist. The workbook matches the Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics ..
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Model: 9781510421288
This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020.Reinforce learning and deepen understanding of the key concepts covered in the latest syllabus; an ideal course companion or homework book for use throughout the course..
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Model: 9780521149228
Cambridge IGCSE Travel and Tourism has been written specifically for the Cambridge IGCSE Travel and Tourism syllabus. Sections have been split into units, each dealing with a particular topic, and are cross-referenced to other units wherever appropriate. This new title contains a wide variety of act..
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Model: 9781444181364
Provide your students with an accessible and international perspective on economics.This title covers the entire syllabus for Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708). It is divided into separate sections for AS and A Level making it ideal for students studying both the AS and the..
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