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Qualitative Research

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Qualitative Research (ISBN: 9781446252185)
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DescriptionThe Second Edition of Qualitative Research provides a refreshing introduction to doing and debating qualitative research. The author uses updated content, ranging from photographs to novels and newspaper stories, to demonstrate how getting to grips with qualitative methods means..
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Doing Qualitative Research (ISBN: 9781526441614)
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DescriptionAccessible, practical, and packed with indispensable advice, this bestselling textbook is the perfect hands-on guide for any student embarking on their own research.  With expert advice from the author and real-life experiences from students, this book shows you how to go from t..
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Interpreting Qualitative Data Sixth Edition (ISBN: 9781526467249)
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Description"Cutting-edge and friendly.  Offers even more of what we′ve come to expect.  Practical, yet conceptually astute.  Critically attuned to new developments, such as the uses and misuses of mixed methods designs and the convenience of smart phone technology. ..
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Qualitative Research (ISBN: 9781529712971)
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DescriptionWritten by leaders of qualitative methodology and edited by one of the biggest names in the field, this book provides up-to-date and interdisciplinary insight into a range of qualitative methods. Bringing together different perspectives, contributors discuss theoretical underpinnings of t..
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