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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780141182742
DescriptionArthur Miller's extraordinary masterpiece, Death of a Salesman changed the course of modern theatre, and has lost none of its power as an examination of American life.'A man is not an orange. You can't eat the fruit and throw the peel away'Willy Loman is on his last legs. Failing at his j..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241232408
SynopsisThe ultimate collection of LEGO® facts and figures in brick-sized bites of trivia.Can you believe that a wooden duck was one of the first LEGO toys? Or that the LEGO Group is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers? Have you seen the LEGO Batman minifigure with glow-in-the-dark eyes? A..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241363508
DescriptionA visual encyclopedia of LEGO® things that go with four exclusive mini-models to build!Discover the world's most incredible things that go with specially commissioned LEGO® models. Children will love learning about their favourite modes of transport, including airplanes, trains, boats, ca..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241381717
DescriptionBuild Christmas crafts, treats and presents with this fun LEGO festive ideas book.Need to keep a little LEGO fan entertained over the holiday season? Packed full of original, inspirational build ideas for LEGO holiday decorations, gifts, and games, LEGO Christmas Ideas is perfec..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241310076
DescriptionLearn the building bricks of language!Packed with busy and colourful scenes from popular LEGO® City sets and more than 750 words. LEGO City is the perfect place for early readers to encounter plenty of exciting words for the first time, including vocabulary for buildings, vehicles, jobs a..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241301425
DescriptionDK's hugely popular sticker collection updated for a new generation of LEGO City fansWelcome to LEGO® City! Featuring more than 1000 colourful stickers, this exciting new sticker collection takes readers on an adventure through bustling streets.Meet brave police officers and firefighters ..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241285404
DescriptionGet ready for your own LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes adventure!Combines more than 50 inspirational LEGO® ideas for building with enthralling LEGO DC Super Heroes story starters. Get inspired to build, then play out your own adventures using your LEGO bricks. Comes with a minifigure and bri..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241301432
DescriptionBringing LEGO® DC Comics to life!Think you're a superfan of the LEGO DC Universe? Find out how knowledgeable you really are with these tricky questions.How did the Flash get his powers, where is Superman's secret base located, and what is the name of Green Lantern's alter ego? Which super..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241199312
DescriptionThe ultimate guide to the minifigures of the LEGO® DC Comics™ universeLEGO® DC Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia is a comprehensive visual guide to the full range of LEGO DC Comics™ Super Heroes minifigures, including LEGO Batman, LEGO Superman and their friends and foes.Featu..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9781409366126
DescriptionExciting and action-filled, 'Super-Villains' lets you see your favorite LEGO DC super villains do what they do best - cause havoc. Follow The Joker, Two-Face and The Riddler as they run amok in Arkham City, causing trouble for Batman and Robin. But will they succeed in their dastardl..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241318638
DescriptionIncludes a Cinderella mini-doll, bricks, and over 50 building ideasAn inspirational book with Cinderella mini-doll and LEGO bricks, packed with more than 50 ideas and enthralling story starters to encourage children to build, play and learn all about the wonderful world of LEGO® Disney Pr..
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Brand: Penguin Model: 9780241320068
DescriptionWelcome to the world of LEGO (R) Disney Princess! This new sticker collection takes readers on a magical adventure. Meet your favourite LEGO Disney Princess characters, including Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Rapunzel. Each princess has a magical story for you to discover..
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