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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814846349
Description Contemporary Financial Management (CFM), 14e, emphasizes the overriding goal of value creation, and the tools used to manage the assets of an enterprise, optimize sources of financing, control financial risk, recognize the value of real and financial options, and enhance a firm’s c..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834568
Description Guiding students through a complete "life cycle of the firm," ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE, 6e, introduces the theories, knowledge, and corporate finance tools and techniques an entrepreneur needs to start, build, and eventually harvest a successful venture. With a strong emphasis on so..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814844734
Description Coupling in-depth coverage of essential theory with practical applications, Madura's INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 13e, builds on the fundamental principles of corporate finance to provide the timely information and contemporary insights you need to prosper in today's global ..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834711
Description Used extensively by professionals, organizations and schools across the country, Reilly/Brown/Leeds' INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, 11th Edition, combines solid theory with practical applications to help students learn how to manage their money to maximize their earn..
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Business Finance (ISBN: 9781292134406)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292134406
Description This book is an essential introduction to the world of financing and investment decision making. With a strong real world focus, this text aims to help you bridge the gap between the theories surrounding financial decision making and what happens in the real business world in an ac..
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Corporate Finance (ISBN: 9781292103037)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292103037
In this new and fully updated Seventh Edition of Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice, the key principles and mathematical techniques are clearly explained step–by-step and put into practice through numerous vignettes which take a closer look at real-world and well-known companies.   ..
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Corporate Finance (ISBN: 9789672113294)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789672113294
Description This is a comprehensive textbook catered for students in Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance pursuing the subject at the degree level, mostly in the senior years. It aims to equip students with the concepts, principles and approaches of corporate finance, and thus enable th..
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Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies (ISBN: 9781292208541)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292208541
Features Taking an international perspective to corporate finance, the latest edition of Corporate Finance and Investment is a highly-regarded and established text for students who want to understand the principles of corporate finance and develop the key tools to apply it. The ninth..
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Corporate Finance: Core Principles And Applications, 5E (ISBN: 9781260083279)
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781260083279
Description Ross/Westerfield/Jaffe/Jordan's Corporate Finance: Core Principles and Applications was written to convey the most important corporate finance concepts and applications at a level that is approachable to the widest possible audience. The concise format, managerial context and d..
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Corporate Finance: The Core, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292158334)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292158334
Description An Emphasis on Core Financial Principles to Elevate Individuals’ Financial Decision Making Berk and DeMarzo's Corporate Finance uses a unifying valuation framework, the Law Of One Price, to present the core content instructors expect, the new ideas they want, and the pe..
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Financial Accounting 1 Second Edition (ISBN: 9789834718367)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834718367
This is a textbook catered for local courses on the fundamentals of financial accounting. Theories and applications related to the subject are presented in a thorough yet easy-to-understand manner, with emphasis on the Malaysian environment and complemented with worked examples. In addition, student..
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Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 (ISBN: 9789834714154)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834714154
This textbook is intended to be used as reference for the introductory level financial accounting and reporting course. Its emphasis is on awareness of IFRS judgements and estimates, in line with Stage 1 of the framework-based teaching. Accordingly, discussions in the chapters focus mostly on elemen..
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