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Business Law

Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834726560
Description Business Law 3e is an introductory textbook on business law tailored for Business and Banking undergraduates. It is aimed at equipping students with essential legal knowledge. The legal principles affecting and shaping businesses and industries in Malaysia are presented in an acces..
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Law for Business Second Edition (ISBN: 9789672049845)
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Brand: Sweet & Maxwell Model: 9789672049845
DescriptionThe realm of business and commerce is regulated by a system of laws. Those engaged or aspiring to engage in business must have a clear understanding of how the law affects business, trade and commerce.Law for Business highlights the important principles, cases and legislative provisions g..
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Modern Company Law In Malaysia
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Brand: Lexis Nexis Model: 9789674008482 
This text has a comprehensive coverage of the major changes introduced by the new Companies Act 2016, including the following: no par value share system; one-person companies; unlimited capacity; optional constitution; optional objects clause; general abolition of the ‘constructive notice’ doctrine;..
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Brand: CLJ Model: 9789670379029
DescriptionHighlight the principles of law and equity that seem to govern the Malaysian Employment Law, in particular those that related to what is normally referred to as private employment law. The discourse and dissertation by the author in this respect is both intensive and extensive. apart from..
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Brand: LexisNexis Model: 9780409329254
DescriptionA comprehensive text designed for business and law students studying international trade and commercial law. It provides an analysis of public and private international law relevant to international trade, and discusses Australian legal issues in the context of domestic law, and cases fro..
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Brand: CLJ Model: 9789674570651
DescriptionSince its emergence, the phenomenal growth of the Islamic Banking and Finance industry has been experienced by most countries which have sought to develop it. its rapid global growth has generate many question about its conceptual basis and ethics in different jurisdictions. Many end-user..
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Model: 9780857931498
DescriptionThis book provides a short, straightforward account of the basic structure and principles of international trade law written by one of the leading authorities in this field. The book covers, in a series of short chapters, all the major issues in international trade law, including dispute ..
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