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Accounting & Taxation

Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists (ISBN: 9781292135601)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292135601
Description The 10th edition of this market-leading text offers an accessible, effective introduction to key accounting and finance topics.  With a focus on decision making,  Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists  teaches you how to apply your learning to real-world ..
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Accounting For Decision Making And Control, 9E (ISBN: 9781259255007)
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781259255007
Description Accounting for Decision Making and Control provides students and managers with an understanding appreciation of the strengths and limitations of an organization’s accounting system, thereby allowing them to be more intelligent users of these systems. The Ninth Edition demonstrate..
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Accounting for Non-Accounting Students 9th Edition (ISBN: 9781292128979)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292128979
Description Accounting for Non-Accounting Students  delivers a highly accessible and comprehensive guide for those who have had little to no previous knowledge of accounting. Using clear and non-technical language alongside companion illustrations, up-to-date articles and questions, it off..
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Cost Accounting Fifth Edition (ISBN: 9789834703585)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834703585
Description Cost Accounting Fifth Edition is an ideal book for undergraduate students of finance and accountancy of business who wish to grasp the fundamentals of cost accounting and it covers both theory and technique. It focuses on the purpose of cost accounting, which is to ascertain costs ..
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Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis, 8E (ISBN: 9781260091724)
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781260091724
Description Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis, by Blocher/Stout/Juras/Smith is dedicated to answering the question: Why Cost Management? It answers this question by providing cost-management tools and techniques needed to support an organization's competitiveness, improve its performance, ..
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Financial Accounting and Reporting (ISBN: 9781292080505)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292080505
Features Fully updated coverage of IFRS and IAS with coverage of revenue recognition, financial instruments, employment benefits, leases and construction contracts. Initial chapters explain  cash and accrual accounting for anyone new to accounting or can act as a refresher. Ex..
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Financial Accounting and Reporting 18th Edition (ISBN: 9781292162409)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292162409
Features ·    All chapters contain key learning objectives, summaries, and key terms so that students can track their learning from start to end of the chapter ·    Clear and structured Parts and sections to ensure logical progression and understanding ..
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Financial and Management Accounting (ISBN: 9781292086590)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292086590
Description The seventh edition of this well-respected and fully updated text retains all of the features that have contributed to the book’s popularity: focus on the accounting equation, student activities and real-life commentaries throughout each chapter, a clear and accessible writing style, a..
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Frank Wood's Business Accounting Volume 1 (ISBN: 9781292208626)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292208626
New to this Edition · Maths for Accounting chapter · Part 6 ‘Checks and Errors’ · Incorporation of new end-of-chapter questions · Accounting Today chapter Table of Contents Notes for teachers and lecturers viii Notes for students xi The Last Lecture xxi Publisher’s acknowledgem..
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Frank Wood's Business Accounting Volume 2 (ISBN: 9781292209173)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292209173
New to this Edition · Focus on financial accounting, analysis and reporting to provide further depth · 'Maths for Accounting' Chapter · 'Earnings Management' Chapter For lecturers, visit for our suite of resources to accompany this textbook, including: · a complete..
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Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-accounting Students (ISBN: 9789834722548)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834722548
This comprehensive book aims to be a valuable resource for all undergraduates pursuing introductory accounting subjects, especially non-accounting students. It contains 21 chapters that explore both financial accounting and management accounting, with emphasis on the Malaysian environment. Thus, thi..
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Management Accounting Third Edition (ISBN: 9789834725549)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834725549
This is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of both accounting and non-accounting students at degree and diploma levels. This edition comprises 21 chapters, which covers the fundamental theories and application of costing and management accounting, and the use of accounting informati..
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