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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131226582
DescriptionAnesthesia Secrets, 4th Edition by James Duke, MD has the quick answers you need for practice and review. It uses the popular question-and-answer format of the Secrets Series® to make essential guidance easy to reference and study. A list of the Top 100 Secrets in anesthesiology lets you ..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780443042119
DescriptionA useful small book for midwives that studies anatomy and physiology as applied to obstetrics and gynaecology.  The text looks at the physiology of pregnancy and is well illustrated.Table of ContentsThe Female Breasts. The Female Pelvis. The Pelvic Floor (Or Pelvic Diaphragm). The Bl..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780721621432
DescriptionThis basic text provides radiographers and student radiographers with working knowledge of radiologic pathology. It covers radiographic positioning and technique selection that best enhance the interpretation of radiographs, thus facilitating accurate diagnosis and improving patient care ..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9781929007462
DescriptionThis new edition of the classic atlas incorporates the latest technological advances in radiologic anatomy including increased resolution and numerous new images in computed tomography and magnetic resonance. Descriptions have also been revised and updated to reflect the most current unde..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780723434108
DescriptionThis unique one-of-a-kind book is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of Ayurveda, and discusses the practical use of therapies such as diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, and herbal remedies. The book also includes detailed information on Ayurvedic pharmacology..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780808924432
DescriptionBefore We Are Born: Essentials Of Embryology and Birth Defects..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780750652100
DescriptionBusiness Skills for Engineers and Technologists..
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Cawson's Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine (ISBN: 9780443103650)
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780443103650
DescriptionThis is a new edition of a classic textbook of oral pathology and oral medicine for dental students and candidates for postgraduate dentistry exams. Illustrated in colour throughout, the book offers a comprehensive introduction to the pathology of oral disease, its clinical manifestations..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780723434542
DescriptionThe fourth edition of Clinical Examination provides a clear, practical and above all, superbly illustrated guide to all aspects of history taking and patient examination. Designed to be accessible both to medical students just starting their clinical attachments and to more experienced re..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131225318
DescriptionThis thoroughly revised, up-to-date text addresses the fundamental principles of physiology in a format that would be particularly useful for the undergraduate dental students. Due to its simple and concise presentation, it would also be useful to other allied health professionals.The boo..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780702044601
DescriptionDavidson's 100 Clinical Cases was awarded First Prize in Medicine in the 2009 British Medical Association Medical Book Awards. The book reflects the real world in which doctors practise medicine. The selection of clinical problems guides the reader, step by step, through the correct path ..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9789814371162
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Fundamentals Of Nursing (Sea Reprint) 7E (ISBN: 9789812728746) Fundamentals Of Nursing (Sea Reprint) 7E (ISBN: 9789812728746)
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9789812728746
DescriptionFundamentals Of Nursing (Sea Reprint) 7E..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131228906
DescriptionThe Guyton and Hall Physiology Review, by Dr. John E. Hall, is an ideal way to prepare for the USMLE Step I. More than 1,000 board-style questions, as many as 30% revised for this edition, test your knowledge of the most essential, need-to-know concepts in physiology. Review the physiolog..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131224908
DescriptionThis is a book with concise, point wise presentation of text for easy learning and quick recapitulation during exams. Line diagrams for basic understanding of the tissues or organs are provided along with pencil sketches of sections (haematoxylin and eosin stained) along with salient poin..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788181478528
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131203057
DescriptionThe Title "Multiple Choice Questions in Physiology 2nd Edition" is written by Vijay D. Joshi. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 8131203050|9788131203057 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 2nd Edition edition. This book ..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788181479150
DescriptionMedical Problems in Dentistry (ASP)..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780808924401
DescriptionMims’ Microbiology makes it easy for you to learn the microbiology and basic immunology concepts you need to know for your courses and USMLE. Using a clinically relevant, systems-based approach, this popular medical textbook accessibly explains the microbiology of the agents that cause di..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131214954
DescriptionMultiple Choice Questions In Medicine..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9781929007417
DescriptionNetter's Atals Human Neuro..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9780702044526
DescriptionA diagnostic test at the start allows readers to review their knowledge of maths and identify their weak pointsNumerous exercises give plenty of practice in making drug calculationsAnswers to questions aid self-studyRevision and summary exercises ensure that the reader fully understands t..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788181479693
DescriptionThe secrets series? is breaking new ground again. This volume in the very popular secrets series? is back in an exciting, updated, and completely redesigned 3rd edition. A new, two-color page layout, a more portable size, and a list of the "top 100 secrets" in obstetrics and gynecology he..
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Brand: Elsevier Model: 9788131219461
DescriptionBe prepared to diagnose and manage any condition you encounter in your practice! this bestselling reference gives you direct access to a complete range of full-color clinical images and patient radiographs that illustrate the differentiating characteristics of lesions in the oral and maxi..
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