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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834705671
A COLLECTION OF POEMS S/STORIES & DRAMA F4 & 5/-(9789834705671)..
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834728779
This publication provides a concise yet comprehensive guidance on the essentials of Malaysian taxation to enable a working understanding of the law and practice of taxation in Malaysia. It explains the core tax concepts and principles, including tax administration of self-assessment system, residenc..
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Brand: Ingram Model: 9780821383865
Pharmaceuticals are an essential component of health care. But for many people in low- and middle-income countries, access to the medicines they need to prevent or treat severe illnesses is limited. Typical problems are lack of availability, costs that exceed the individual’s purchasing power or lac..
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Brand: Ingram Model: 9780981363905
Consistent daily actions are the key to living your best life… Get started now with daily actionable steps from this self-help motivational book. Get the inspiration and guidance needed to take your life to the next level.Learn How To Live The Life You Always ImaginedThis book will show you ho..
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Model: 9789672144168
AddMaths WB F4 Modul P&P Matematik Tambahan T4 Dwibhasa 2018(9789672144168)..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834223
Features Helping sharpen critical thinking skills, boxes such as "Remember This", "Imagine This", and "Consider This" encourage students to consider intercultural communication problems, answer questions, and think about concepts found within each chapter. The importance of education in ..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834674
Description CULTURE AND PSYCHOLOGY, 6th Edition illustrates how and why culture influences mental processes and behaviors in humans, and is relevant for anyone interacting with people from different cultures. Incorporating current research that highlights the relationship between culture and p..
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AE Entrepreneurial Finance 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834568)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834568
Description Guiding students through a complete "life cycle of the firm," ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE, 6e, introduces the theories, knowledge, and corporate finance tools and techniques an entrepreneur needs to start, build, and eventually harvest a successful venture. With a strong emphasis on so..
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AE Management 13th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834445)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834445
Description MindTap Management for Daft's Management, 13th Edition, is the digital learning solution that helps instructors engage and transform today’s students into critical thinkers with the ultimate goal of getting students to THINK and ACT like managers. Through paths of dynamic assignmen..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814846417
Features Each chapter opens with an engagement activity that takes on common myths and misperceptions in psychology with a fun, "pub quiz" type of approach. A highly-praised didactic illustration program features figures, diagrams, photos, tables, and graphs that work hand in hand with the..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814834339
Description This comprehensive and engaging text presents the accumulated knowledge of strategic management scholarship in a way that is very accessible to students. Highly respected authors Hill, Schilling, and Jones integrate cutting-edge research on topics including competitive advantage, c..
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Brand: Ingram Model: 9780141185460
Joe Keller and Steve Deever, partners in a machine shop during World War II, turned out defective airplane parts, causing the deaths of many men. Deever was sent to prison while Keller escaped punishment and went back to business, making himself very wealthy in the ensuing years. In Miller’s &n..
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