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Essential English for Science and Technology (ISBN: 9789676594105)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789676594105
Description Essential English for Science and Technology has been developed specially for college, matriculation and university students to help them broaden the skills necessary to effectively participate in any science course. An accessible, lively and comprehensive resource, it can be used ..
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Essentials Of Contemporary Management, 8E (ISBN: 9781260092295)
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781260092295
Description Essentials of Contemporary Management 8th edition by Jones and George is the concise version of Contemporary Management. Jones and George are dedicated to the challenge of “Making It Real“ for students. This edition continues to focus on providing the most up-to-date account of t..
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Essentials of Electromagnetic Asian Edition (ISBN: 9789834721152)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834721152
Features Concise notes assist students in comprehending the key concepts and theories of Electromagnetics. Examples with worked solutions guide students in applying the concepts and theories learnt. Summary section provides students with a snapshot of the key points for every cha..
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Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292266022)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292266022
DescriptionThe foundation to building a successful small business  Taking a practical, hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, this text equips students with the tools and critical-thinking skills needed for small business success. Now in its 9th Edition , Essentials of Entrepreneurship ..
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Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292216119)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292216119
Description Focus on the essential what, how, & why of human anatomy & physiology With the 12th Edition of Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, science educator Suzanne Keller joins bestselling author Elaine Marieb in helping learners focus on the essential Wh..
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Essentials of Managerial Economics SEA Edition (ISBN: 9789676571588)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789676571588
DescriptionThis textbook is an adaptation of Managerial Economics in a Global Economy (Sixth Edition) by Dominick Salvatore, published by Oxford University Press, USA. This South-East Asian edition brings the presentation up-to-date with new examples and local realities which makes it especially rel..
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Essentials of MIS, Global Edition (13e) (ISBN: 9781292253350)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292253350
Description Connect essential MIS concepts to everyday life Essentials of MIS is an in-depth look at how today’s businesses use information technologies and systems to achieve their corporate objectives. Current real-world business cases illustrate how companies have identified, and ul..
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Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292221410)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292221410
A streamlined presentation of key organizational behavior concepts Essentials of Organizational Behavior teaches students how to communicate and interact within organizations, through real-world scenarios. The text offers comprehensive coverage of key organizational behavior (OB) concepts, makin..
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Excellence in Business Communication, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292156651)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292156651
Description For undergraduate courses in business communication.Develops Business Students’ Professional Communication Skills Following in the wake of the digital revolution and the advent of social media, business communication has been hit by yet another revolutionary change: the rise ..
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Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases (ISBN: 9781292145129)
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Brand: Pearson Model: 9781292145129
With over one million copies sold worldwide, Exploring Strategy has long been the essential strategy text for managers of today and tomorrow. From entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals, charities to government agencies, this book raises the big questions about organisations- how they grow, how..
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Felder's Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781118092392)
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Brand: Wiley Model: 9781118092392
Felder's Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes prepares students to formulate and solve material and energy balances in chemical process systems and lays the foundation for subsequent courses in chemical engineering. The text provides a realistic, informative, and positive introduction to the ..
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Financial Accounting 1 Second Edition (ISBN: 9789834718367)
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Brand: Oxford Fajar Model: 9789834718367
This is a textbook catered for local courses on the fundamentals of financial accounting. Theories and applications related to the subject are presented in a thorough yet easy-to-understand manner, with emphasis on the Malaysian environment and complemented with worked examples. In addition, student..
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