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HOWARD'S END BY E.M. FORSTER (ISBN: 9780486424545)

HOWARD'S END BY E.M. FORSTER (ISBN: 9780486424545)
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HOWARD'S END BY E.M. FORSTER (ISBN: 9780486424545)
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  • ISBN: 9780486424545
Setting: Early 20th century England, primarily focused on a Hertfordshire estate called Howards End.
Main Characters:
  • Schlegel Sisters: Margaret and Helen, representing idealism and intellect.
  • Wilcox Family: Led by pragmatic patriarch Henry, symbolizing upper-class materialism.
  • Basts: Leonard and Jacky, embodying lower-class aspirations and struggles.
  • Class divide and mobility.
  • Morality versus pragmatism.
  • Intellectualism versus materialism.
  • Intersecting lives of the Schlegels, Wilcoxes, and Basts.
  • Conflict and reconciliation between different worldviews.
  • Marriage between Margaret Schlegel and Henry Wilcox as a focal point.
  • Howards End estate symbolizes the future of England.
  • Represents the fate of different social classes and philosophies.
  • Offers insights into post-Victorian English society.
  • Explores social, economic, and philosophical trends.
Author: E. M. Forster.
Published: 1910.
Reception: Received international acclaim for its insightful portrayal of English life.


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