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International Business, 3rd Edition (ISBN:9781473758438)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9781473758438
Drawing from the combined experiences of Mike Peng and Klaus Meyer International Business provides a comprehensive insight into contemporary business practices. Covering recent global developments and current issues such as Brexit, as well as the historical context of international business, the thi..
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International Financial Management (AE) (ISBN:9789814915007)
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Equipment your students for success in international finance with the unrivaled department of the theory and practical applications in madura 's international financial management, 14e. This best-selling resource builds on the fundamental principles of international corporate finance to provide the ..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9781133939535
Featuring a look and style that's more like a magazine than a textbook, Plotnik's INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY, Tenth Edition will draw you in and show you how exciting the study of psychology can be. This modular, visual approach to the fundamentals of psychology--the pioneer of the "visual" or "maga..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9781111832773
LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR, Seventh Edition, is stimulating and filled with high-interest queries and examples. Based on the theme that learning is a biological mechanism that aids survival, this book embraces a scientific approach to behavior but is written in clear, engaging, and easy-to-understand lan..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780357127803
Learn Marketing YOUR Way with MKTG and MindTap! MKTG's easy-reference, paperback textbook presents course content through visually engaging chapters. Read or listen to your textbook, complete assignments, and study, all in one place. Track your scores and stay motivated toward your goals. Whether yo..
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Multivariate Data Analysis, 8th Edition (ISBN:9781473756540)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9781473756540 
For over 30 years, this text has provided students with the information they need to understand and apply multivariate data analysis. The eighth edition of Multivariate Data Analysis provides an updated perspective on the analysis of all types of data as well as introducing some new perspectives and..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814846882
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ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Development and Transformation (ISBN:9780170424448)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780170424448
Organisation Change: Development and Transformation looks at the development of organisations and the ways organisations evolve to reflect what’s going on around them, as well as ways you can approach this transformation. The text also discusses the future directions of change management, and why ga..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780170368520
The 2nd edition of Ethics and Professional Practice for Psychologists has been totally revised to be consistent with the APS Code and Ethical Guidelines, and includes five new chapters to incorporate guidance on recent developments in the professional practice milieu. Ethics and Professional Practic..
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Psychology PSY1011/1022 A Custom Edition, 2nd Edition E-Book (ISBN:9780170425261)
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780170425261
Psychology PSY1011/1022: A Custom Edition is a Cengage Compose book. It has been compiled by Dr Shruti Mujumdar and Associate Professor Sean Cain for Monash University and is designed to meet the needs of students studying Psychology. It contains material from leading Cengage books...
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9781305264595
21st Century Reading was created through a partnership between TED, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas through short, powerful talks and National Geographic Learning. 21st Century Reading provides the ideal forum for learners of English to make connections with topics ranging from science to b..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780170421140
SPSS is enormously powerful - and challenging to learn. This popular handbook lets you get hands-on with the statistical procedures you need. Full colour screen shots, step-by-step guidance and examples with annotated outputs help you learn. Created for students of psychology, marketing and research..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9780170241236
This fully revised 4th edition of Strategic Marketing: Decision Making and Planning continues to set a framework for marketing decision making as a part of a holistic approach to an organisation's strategic management. It integrates expanded theoretical coverage with a step-by-step guide to each sta..
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Brand: Cengage Model: 9789814773539
The Leadership Experience in Asia, Second Edition adopts the leader's perspective in exploring diverse approaches to leading all types of organizations in Asia effectively, with special emphasis on the ways in which leaders in Asia may benefit from using tested concepts and theories that have been p..
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