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Math Buddies (ISBN: 9781099092343)

Math Buddies (ISBN: 9781099092343)
Math Buddies (ISBN: 9781099092343)

Math Buddies presents the principles of the Singapore Math® Approach and is designed to meet the requirements of the Common Core. With pre-tests, post-tests, assessments and guided learning, Math Buddies provides support both inside and outside of the classroom.

Easy to teach and fun to learn, Math Buddies is a K-5 digital resource based on the pedagogical approach of Singapore Math®. Our program includes:
  •  hundreds of interactive multimedia tools and effective instructional strategies for all K-5 math topics.
  • The components, which are tailored to each grade level, apply to teaching math concepts, assessing students' knowledge, and providing additional support outside the classroom. 
  • Each facet of the program support a teacher's unique classroom style and a student's particular needs. 
  • Math Buddies' robust Learning Management System allows teachers to collect data, assess students, plan lessons, plan lessons, and report students' progress.
  • Each curriculum provides a coherent and focused syllabus that balances concepts and skills with problem solving.
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