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Lifesize Rainforest (ISBN: 9780753436356)

Lifesize Rainforest (ISBN: 9780753436356)
Lifesize Rainforest (ISBN: 9780753436356)


Lifesize Rainforest offers a unique opportunity to see a variety of amazing creatures at their actual size. Unbelievable, eye-catching illustrations show beautiful scenes and perspectives; the artwork is as vibrant and real as a photograph, but better!

Presented in a lavish picture-book style with lyrical text that will fascinate young readers. The exciting adventure takes you from the very small - tiny blue poison dart frogs - to the huge - a scary green anaconda. Deep in the forest you will meet an array of creatures, including fighting Goliath beetles, a cute Philippine tarsier with her baby, and a snarling jaguar. Pages at the end of the book show each animal in its entirety, along with fascinating facts and figures.

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