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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9780073526577
DescriptionThis text provides an overview of the four major areas of American contemporary music: jazz, rock, country, and musical theater. Each genre is approached chronologically with the emphasis on the socio-cultural aspects of the music. Readers will appreciate Joyner's engaging writing style a..
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781259011801
Description19th Global Edition. As new. Covers the same content as any other 19th edition (except for different cases). Very useful...
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781121754096
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781743762202
Financial Institutions Management: A Risk Management Approach, 4th edition Provides an innovative approach that focuses on managing return and risk in modern financial institutions. The central theme is that the risks faced by financial institutions managers and the methods and markets through which..
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781259060496
DescriptionThe eighth edition of General, Organic, and Biochemistry is designed to help undergraduate health-related majors, and students of all other majors, understand key concepts and appreciate the significant connections between chemistry, health, disease, and the treatment of disease..
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9780071248280
DescriptionEssential Clinical Information Drawn From Harrison's Harrison's Manual of Medicine is a concise, bedside resource derived from content found in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Nineteenth Edition. Perfect for use at the point of care, the Manual presents clinical information co..
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9780071318594
DescriptionThis twelfth edition of Human Geography retains the organization and structure of its earlier versions. Like them, it seeks to introduce its users to the scope and excitement of geography and its relevance to their daily lives and roles as informed citizens. We recognize that fo..
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ISE Human Resource Management EB (ISBN: 9781260780758)
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781260780758
DescriptionHuman Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage 12e offers comprehensive coverage of HRM concepts that teach students how to strategically overcome challenges and gain competitive advantage in the workplace. Based on the authors’ diverse research, teaching and consulting experi..
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Brand: McGraw-Hill Education Model: 9781260575866
DESCRIPTIONMarket-defining since it was introduced, International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace by Charles W.L. Hill (University of Washington) sets the standard and is the proven choice for International Business at the undergraduate and graduate level.  The 13th edition p..
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