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CAMB IGCSE ICT TG 3ED (ISBN:9780008430931)

CAMB IGCSE ICT TG 3ED (ISBN:9780008430931)
CAMB IGCSE ICT TG 3ED (ISBN:9780008430931)
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  • ISBN: 9780008430931

Full teacher support to accompany the Cambridge IGCSE™ ICT Student’s Book Third Edition for the IGCSE ICT syllabus (0417/0983) for examination from 2023

The Teacher’s Guide content is matched lesson-by-lesson to the Student’s Book. Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education Comprehensively updated for the revised syllabus for examination from 2023.

Lesson plans for every session in the Student’s Book; worksheets for every topic

·Fully supports the approach of the Student’s Book Third Edition, using scenarios and skills-building to link together the theory and practical parts of the syllabus ·Includes answers to every activity and question in the Student Book

·The accompanying download available on the Collins site, contains PowerPoint presentations, as well as all the source files from the Student’s Book download

·Written by highly experienced ICT teachers


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