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Basic Commerce Year 7 Workbook (ISBN: 9789814268196)

Basic Commerce Year 7 Workbook (ISBN: 9789814268196)
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Basic Commerce Year 7 Workbook (ISBN: 9789814268196)
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Basic Commerce aims to engage students in the study of commerce, both in theory and practice, through the use of colourful graphics and thought-provoking resources. This series have features such as Go Further and Interesting Facts which serve to make commerce an enjoyable subject to learn.

An exclusive section, Project Enterprises, gives students a chance to apply the content they acquired to start and run a business as a project. The knowledge and practical skills students can gain from this textbook will reinforce their understanding and appreciation of commerce.

Principles of Accounts Introduction
Principles of Accounts is specially written for students studying the subject at the upper secondary level. The textbook also shows clearly worked examples for questions with each step of the process shown clearly. In addition to the well-explained content, the textbook also includes a number of components to aid your learning process such as summaries and exercises at the end of every chapter to consolidate learning.


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