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AQA A level Computer Science (ISBN: 9781471839511)

AQA A level Computer Science (ISBN: 9781471839511)
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AQA A level Computer Science (ISBN: 9781471839511)
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  • ISBN: 9781471839511
Detailed coverage of the specifications will enrich understanding of the fundamental principles of computing, whilst a range of activities help to develop the programming skills and computational thinking skills at A-level and beyond.
  • Enables students to build a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles in the AQA AS and A-Level Computer Science specifications, with detailed coverage of programming, algorithms, data structures and representation, systems, databases and networks, uses and consequences.
  • Helps to tackle the various demands of the course confidently, with advice and support for programming and theoretical assessments and the problem-solving or investigative project at A-level.
  • Develops the programming and computational thinking skills for A-level and beyond ‚Äì frequent coding and question practice will help students apply their knowledge of the principles of computer science, and design, program and evaluate problem-solving computer systems.
Bob Reeves is an experienced teacher with examining experience, and well-respected author of resources for Computing and ICT across the curriculum.
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