Cambridge Global English Stages 7–9 Stage 8 Workbook

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Cambridge Global English Stages 7-9 follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second Language (ESL) Curriculum Framework.

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Workbook 8 is organised into eighteen thematic units of study based on the Cambridge International Examinations English as a Second Language Scheme of Work for Stage 8 The units are carefully structured to reinforce the language learning of the Coursebook, at the same time as extending students’ knowledge via a range of exercise types. CEFR Level: B1.


  • Stages 7-9 help to prepare learners for the Cambridge International Examinations Secondary 1 Checkpoint test.
  • 18 thematic units mapped to the Coursebook units.
  • Comprehensive grammar reference section included, which supplements both the Workbook and the Coursebook.
  • ‘Study skills’ features offer helpful guidance to students.
  • Skills-based approach to language learning.
  • Wide variety of exercise types.


Unit 1:
1. Languages of the world
2. Teach yourself Tok Pisin!
3. It’s good to learn languages
Unit 2:
1. E-communication
2. The future of schools
3. I wish I hadn’t done that!
Unit 3:
1. Rivers and coasts
2. The water cycle
3. Saved by the bell!
Unit 4:
1. Great expeditions
2. The Treasure Fleet
3. Should we continue to explore space?
Unit 5:
1. Sports and hobbies
2. At the top of their game
3. What are your hobbies?
Unit 6:
1. Entertainment and media
2. At the circus
3. A film review
Unit 7:
1. Household routines
2. In my room
3. Jobs at home
Unit 8:
1. Habitat interactions
2. Live and let live
3. The food chain
Unit 9:
1. Buildings and structures
2. Art meets engineering
3. school design challenge
Unit 10:
1. Design and shape
2. What shape is it?
3. Classic designs
Unit 11:
1. Personality types
2. A teenage millionaire
3. The world of soap opera
Unit 12:
1. People and their jobs
2. A day in the life
3. What about becoming a …?
Unit 13:
1. Shops and services
2. The psychology of shopping
3. The best present
Unit 14:
1. Possessions and personal space
2. My space
3. For sale
Unit 15:
1. Natural disasters
2. Drought in East Africa
3. Raising money for charity
Unit 16:
1. Survivors
2. Surviving together
3. Survival kit
Unit 17:
1. Sumer season
2. Summer camp in Japan
3. A room with a view
Unit 18:
1. Using English
2. The story of Midas
3. The performance
Grammar reference

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