Complete Biology for Cambridge Lower Secondary Teacher Pack: For Cambridge Checkpoint and beyond

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Fully matched to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Biology syllabus, this comprehensive Teacher Pack offers all the tools necessary to prepare learners for both the Cambridge Checkpoint test and for the leap to IGCSE Science, introducing the principles of scientific enquiry, extension material and assessment practice from the outset.

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  • Ensure learners progress smoothly through Cambridge Lower Secondary, using a course that is thoroughly matched to the syllabus and can be used for both a two year and a three year curriculum.
  • Save time with step-by-step lesson plans and customisable digital teaching materials in PDF and Microsoft Word formats, including resources to support EAL students.
  • Support all learners with suggestions of different teaching methods, including group work, practical activities and use of the internet or video clips, and guidance on extension opportunities.
  • Build learners’ confidence in advance of the Cambridge Progression and Checkpoint tests, using Cambridge-style practice tests and answer keys.

Table of Contents

Stage 7
1: Plants
2: Humans
3: Cells and organisms
4: Living things in their environment
5: Variation and classification
Stage 8
6: Plants
7: Diet
8: Digestion
9: Circulation
10: Respiration and breathing
11: Reproduction and fetal development
12: Drugs and disease
Stage 9
13: Plants
14: Adaptation and survival
15: Energy flow
16: Human influences
17: Variation and classification

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