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Statistical Data Cleaning with Applications in R (ISBN: 9781118897157)

Statistical Data Cleaning with Applications in R (ISBN: 9781118897157)
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Statistical Data Cleaning with Applications in R (ISBN: 9781118897157)

The production of clean data is a complex and time-consuming process that requires both technical know-how and statistical expertise. Statistical Data Cleaning brings together a wide range of techniques for cleaning textual, numeric or categorical data. This book examines technical data cleaning methods relating to data representation and data structure. A prominent role is given to statistical data validation, data cleaning based on predefined restrictions, and data cleaning strategy.

This book enables data scientists and statistical analysts working with data to deepen their understanding of data cleaning as well as to upgrade their practical data cleaning skills. It can also be used as material for a course in data cleaning and analyses. 

Table of Contents


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1 Data Cleaning 

2 A Brief Introduction to R 

3 Technical Representation of Data 

4 Data Structure 

5 Cleaning Text Data 

6 Data Validation

7 Localizing Errors in Data Records 

8 Rule Set Maintenance and Simplification

9 Methods Based on Models for Domain Knowledge

10 Imputation and Adjustment 

11 Example: A Small Data-Cleaning System




  • A comprehensive guide to automated statistical data cleaning.

  • Focuses on the automation of data cleaning methods, including both theory and applications written in R.

  • Enables the reader to design data cleaning processes for either one-off analytical purposes or for setting up production systems that clean data on a regular basis.

  • Explores statistical techniques for solving issues such as incompleteness, contradictions and outliers, integration of data cleaning components and quality monitoring.

  • Supported by an accompanying website featuring data and R code.

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