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Financial Accounting 3e: Lim Wan Leng, Morni Hayati Jaafar Sidik, Lee Kwee Fah, Noreen Kong Ching Ching, Rahizah Abd Rahim, Chin Wai Yin and Lai Siew Fong (2021)

This fundamental financial accounting book is prepared for the benefit of students undertaking Accounting or Business related courses at the tertiary level. The principles and concepts of financial accounting are presented in an orderly manner with a good mix of illustrations and comprehensive examples to encourage meaningful learning experience. In addition, students are able to reinforce what they have learnt through review questions and application exercises at the end of each chapter.

Key features

  • Intended for students in Foundation, Diploma and first-year Degree courses
  • Provides step-by-step explanations through the use of worked examples to enhance understanding
  • Closes each chapter with review questions and application exercises to help assess students? comprehension of topics
  • Highlights key terms and offer useful study tips as margin notes for quick review

New to This Edition

  • Three revised chapters: Accruals and Prepayments, Accounting for Inventory and Accounting in Digital Age
  • New and revised end-of-chapter exercises

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting

Chapter 2: Recording the Accounting Information

Chapter 3: Bad Debts, Provision for Doubtful Debts and Provision for Cash Discounts

Chapter 4: Accruals and Prepayments

Chapter 5: Accounting for Non-current Assets

Chapter 6: Control Accounts

Chapter 7: Errors and Suspense Account

Chapter 8: Bank Reconciliation Statements

Chapter 9: Single Entry and Incomplete Record

Chapter 10: Accounting for Inventory

Chapter 11: Final Accounts With Adjustments

Chapter 12: Manufacturing Account

Chapter 13: Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting

Chapter 14: Accounting in Digital Age


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