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Mechanical Vibrations in SI Units (ISBN: 9781292178608)

Mechanical Vibrations in SI Units (ISBN: 9781292178608)
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Mechanical Vibrations in SI Units (ISBN: 9781292178608)

Retaining the style of previous editions, this Sixth SI Edition of Mechanical Vibrations effectively presents theory, computational aspects, and applications of vibration, introducing undergraduate engineering students to the subject of vibration engineering in as simple a manner as possible. Emphasizing computer techniques of analysis, Mechanical Vibrations thoroughly explains the fundamentals of vibration analysis, building on the understanding achieved by students in previous undergraduate mechanics courses. Related concepts are discussed, and real-life applications, examples, problems, and illustrations related to vibration analysis enhance comprehension of all concepts and material. In the Sixth SI Edition, several additions and revisions have been made—including new examples, problems, and illustrations—with the goal of making coverage of concepts both more comprehensive and easier to follow. 

Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals of Vibration

2. Free Vibration of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems

3. Harmonically Excited Vibration

4. Vibration Under General Forcing Conditions

5. Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems

6. Multidegree-of-Freedom Systems

7. Determination of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes

8. Continuous Systems

9. Vibration Control

10. Vibration Measurement and Applications

11. Numerical Integration Methods in Vibration Analysis

12. Finite Element Method

13. Nonlinear Vibration

14. Random Vibration


  • For courses in vibration engineering.

  • Building Knowledge: Concepts of Vibration in Engineering.

  • Several additions and modifications to make the coverage of vibration more comprehensive and presentation easier to follow in the Sixth SI Edition.

  • Clear, detailed presentation. 

  • MATLAB-based examples as well as several general purpose MATLAB programs with illustrative examples.

  • Unique presentation of topics with each topic presented with complete details..

  • Additional online resources. 

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