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Brand: Cambridge Model: 9781108772198
DescriptionWith a skills-based approach and an international outlook, this coursebook with audio CDs promotes a deeper understanding of the Mandarin language and culture. Explore Chinese festivals with engaging texts, images and audio enhance the activities in the coursebook to help develop language..
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Chinese Made Easy for Kids Textbook 4 (Simplified Chinese) 2nd Edition (ISBN: 9789620435935)
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Brand: Bloomsbury Model: 9789620435935
Description:Chinese Made Easy for Kids (Books1-4) is designed for primary school children, who start learning Chinese as beginners.After completing this series, children will be able to recognize over 500 Chinese characters, write from memory approximately 100 simple Chinese..
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Author:Yamin Ma, xinying LiMedium:BooksISBN:9787561918890Page Count:161Size:285 × 210 × 7 mmPub Date:2007-07The book weight: 546 gAnnotation Language:EnglishCourse:ComprehensiveTarget Audience(Age):Primary School ,Middle SchoolTarget Audience(Language):Elementary..
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Author:Yamin Ma, Xinying LiMedium:BooksISBN:9787561918906Page Count:188Size:285 × 210 × 7 mmPub Date:2007-07The book weight: 486 gAnnotation Language:EnglishCourse:ComprehensiveTarget Audience(Age):Primary School ,Middle SchoolTarget Audience(Language):Elementary..
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Description The Gente joven 2 Nueva edición workbook is support material for classes that is also suitable for working independently. It contains many exercises for formal practice and language use. It offers specific work centred on vocabulary and skills. It takes the students' personal world ..
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Description Gente joven 2 Nueva edición is the manual for teenagers with a task-based approach. It offers a new progression that encourages language acquisition and consolidation of the content. It offers a variety of vocabulary and grammar aids and formal practice activities in the unit. There..
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Jom Baca Bersama Cikgu Zawana (ISBN: 9789671708552)
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Model: 9789671708552
DescriptionIbu Ayah ada anak TAHUN SATU?Jom bimbing mereka supaya boleh membaca sekurang-kurangnya suku kata terbuka 154 m/s halaman bercetak berwarna.Bacaan sahaja. (Boleh ajar guna *kaedah mengeja atau kaedah fonik* )Mengikut silibus dan format pemulihan terkini 2019 *Kemahiran 1 hingga Kemah..
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Jom Tulis Bersama Cikgu Zawana (ISBN: 9789671708569)
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Model: 9789671708569
Description206m/s halaman bercetak berwarna dan hitam putih.Latihan menulis- sahaja.Mengikut silibus dan format pemulihan 2019. *Kemahiran 1 hingga Kemahiran 32*Sesuai seawal 4 tahun sekiranya sudah kenal *A B C*Boleh digunakan kepada murid tahun 1 hingga 6 sekiranya masih belum pandai menulis denga..
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