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AE Communication between Cultures 9th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834223)

AE Communication between Cultures 9th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834223)
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AE Communication between Cultures 9th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834223)


  • Helping sharpen critical thinking skills, boxes such as "Remember This", "Imagine This", and "Consider This" encourage students to consider intercultural communication problems, answer questions, and think about concepts found within each chapter.
  • The importance of education in a multicultural society is thoroughly discussed. The text offers up-to-date material about the learning preferences of people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as gives advice on how to create classrooms that reflect the various ethnicities of the surrounding community so that culturally different students can feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Exceptional coverage of racism and racial tensions, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and ethnocentrism is provided throughout the text, giving students unparalleled insight.
  • A unique focus on the deep structure of culture emphasizes the roles that family, religion, and history play in intercultural communication.
  • Highlighting co-cultures both in the United States and worldwide, the text includes a section on cultural adaptation reflecting the significance of more immigrants moving from one culture to another.
  • The emphasis on cultural identity and its influence on intercultural communication includes discussions of what our cultural identity tells us about ourselves and our place in the culture as well as how our cultural identity shapes our perceptions and communication patterns.


Table of Contents

1. Intercultural Communication: A Requirement for the Interdependent Global Society.

2. Communication and Culture: The Voice and the Echo.

3. The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family.

4. Worldview: Cultural Explanations of Life and Death.

5. Cultural History: Precursor to the Present and Future.

6. Cultural Values: Roadmaps for Behavior.

7. Culture and Identity: Situating the Individual.

8. Verbal Messages: Exchanging Ideas Through Language.

9. Nonverbal Communication: The Messages of Action, Space, Time, and Silence.

10. Intercultural Communication in Contexts: Application in Business, Education, and Healthcare.

11. The Challenges of Intercultural Communication: Managing Differences.


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