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OFPS Semiconductor Devices (ISBN: 9789834721169)

OFPS Semiconductor Devices (ISBN: 9789834721169)
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OFPS Semiconductor Devices (ISBN: 9789834721169)

This book is written for diploma-level Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of Malaysian polytechnics. The book begins with an introduction to semiconductors and covers topics such as diodes, bipolar junction transistors, multistage amplifiers, field effect transistors, thyristors and other electronic components. The fundamental principles and applications of semiconductors are explained in this book to enable readers to gain a firm understanding of semiconductors and their applications.



  • Based on the latest Malaysian Polytechnic syllabus.
  • Provides comprehensive explanations and examples.
  • Concise end-of-chapter summaries to enable quick revision.
  • Includes exercises at the end of each chapter and a model examination paper, with answers provided.
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