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Financial Management 3E Third Edition (ISBN: 9789834721138)

Financial Management 3E Third Edition (ISBN: 9789834721138)
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Financial Management 3E Third Edition (ISBN: 9789834721138)

In the face of increasing globalization of world economies and growing competitive pressures, financial managers now realize the need to stay abreast of the complex issues and challenges in the business environment. This book, through the adoption of an open-learning approach, introduces to students the main principles and theories of financial management in a manner that is easy to follow and appreciate.


Knowledge is extended to readers through the well-written text so as to lay a solid foundation of theory and practice in financial management. This is coupled with the use of practical scenarios and examples, links to online videos, case studies, and practice questions. Islamic Finance is also covered to provide readers with basic knowledge on the subject as it continues to expand in the world’s financial markets.


Overall, this text is suitable for students who are studying financial management as part of their course in degree programmes such as finance, business, management, economics, computing, engineering, actuarial science and other areas.



  • Written for undergraduates of business courses.
  • Uses simple language, punctuated by illustrated and diagrams to help the learning process.
  • Discussion and assignment questions at the end of each chapter help students evaluate their understanding of important concepts.
  • Further reading improved the retention of relevant concepts or arguments.
  • Case studies, discussion and assignment questions and web-based tasks test students' understanding of theories.


Table of Contents

01. Overview of Financial Management
02. Financial Environment
03. Financial Statement Analysis
04. Statistical Techniques in Financial Management
05. Cash and Working Capital Management
06. Financial Forecasting
07. Time Value of Money
08. Risk and Return
09. Portfolio Management
10. Capital Budgeting
11. Cost of Capital
12. Ordinary Share Capital
13. Dividend Policy
14. Loan Capital and Bond Valuation
15. Financing: Preference Share Capital and Valuation
16. Banks and Financial Institutions
17. Financial Markets
18. Mergers and Acquisitions
19. Financial Derivatives
20. Islamic Finance
21. International Financial Management

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