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English for Oral Presentations (ISBN: 9789834719173)

English for Oral Presentations (ISBN: 9789834719173)
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English for Oral Presentations (ISBN: 9789834719173)


This book is designed for students who are pursuing oral presentation courses at institutions of higher learning. Spanning six units, this book covers the necessary communication skills and strategies for effective oral presentations. These fundamentals include understanding the principles of speech communication, understanding informative speeches and how they are outlined, acquiring and applying the principles of effective speeches, delivering effective speeches which use suitable visual aids and multimedia purposefully, as well as learning how to anticipate and handle questions and/or comments from an audience successfully. Besides acquiring the competency and fluency in delivering speeches, the book also aims to help students develop their confidence and flair as independent speakers.


Detailed guidance notes are clearly and systematically outlined in the units to assist students from the preparatory stage of a speech to the final stage of delivery. Apart from emphasising the use of non-verbal communication skills in delivering the speech, the book also highlights the necessity of using visual aids and multimedia effectually to support speech presentation.


Students are provided with ample and varied practices, as well as suggested answers, to help them reinforce their grasp and mastery of speech delivery. Additionally, they are also given independent learning activities and suggested video weblinks to further enhance their understanding of the skills learned.



  • Contains comprehensive yet succinct notes on acquiring communication skills and strategies.
  • Provides step-by-step guidelines to assist students in achieving oral presentation competency and fluency.
  • Presents relevant examples which complement the discussions and illustrate the skills taught clearly.
  • Includes ample and varied practices, with suggested answers.
  • Offers independent learning activities after each unit for reinforcement of learning.
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