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Principles of Economics 3e (ISBN: 9789834708566)

Principles of Economics 3e (ISBN: 9789834708566)
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Principles of Economics 3e (ISBN: 9789834708566)

The third edition of Principles of Economics provides students with an in-depth understanding of basic microeconomics and macroeconomics concepts. This book is targeted at students pursuing economics courses at local institutions of higher learning. In keeping with the latest developments in the field, this revised edition includes new topics and subtopics, namely the Islamic Economy System, Derived Demand and Composite Demand, Joint Supply; Consumer, Producer Surplus and Economic Efficiency; Factors Affecting Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Money Market Equilibrium, the LM curve, and factors that shift the LM curve. Additionally, authentic case studies have been provided for critical chapters to enable students to relate and apply what they have learnt to real-world contexts.


Table of Contents

01. Introduction to Microeconomics  
02. Demand and Supply  
03. Market Equilibrium  
04. Theory of Consumer Behaviour  
05. Theory of Production  
07. Market Structure 1 : Perfect Competition and Monopoly  
08. Market Structure 2 : Mono[olistic Competition and Oligopoly  
09. Factor Market and Theory of Distribution  
10. Introduction to Macroeconomics  
11. National Income Accounting  
12. NAtional Income Equilibrium  
13. Role of Government  
14. Macroeconomic Problems  
15. Money and Banking  
16. International Economics

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