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Understanding Organizational Behaviour (ISBN: 9789834505011)

Understanding Organizational Behaviour (ISBN: 9789834505011)
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Understanding Organizational Behaviour (ISBN: 9789834505011)
Understanding Organizational Behaviour is a textbook for the subject, Organizational Behaviour for undergraduate students pursing a Bachelor in Business as Accountancy.  This book is different from the current book on Organizational Behaviour as the business practices in Asia will be highlighted and discussed. This book is also tailored for Malaysian students where the book is written at a simple level to ensure that students are able to grasp the fundamental concepts and theories and are able to understand Organizational Behaviour from an Asian perspective.  The book covers three main perspectives which is at an individual level, at a group level and at an organizational level. The book has fifteen chapters beginning with an introduction to organizational behaviour, perception and learning, personality, emotion and stress, attitudes in the workplace and motivation. Under the group level, the chapters covered consists of groups and teams, communicating, decision-making, power, influence and politics as well as leadership.  Under the organizational level, the chapters consists of culture and creativity and innovation, structure and organizational design, organizational development and managing change and lastly on human resource practices and international organizational behaviour.
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