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Singapore: The Fintech Nation (ISBN: 9789814923019)

Singapore: The Fintech Nation (ISBN: 9789814923019)
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Singapore: The Fintech Nation (ISBN: 9789814923019)


                                                                                                                                    SINGAPORE: THE FINTECH NATION


Singapore shines as a beacon of hope for people from all over the region to build their ventures in the domains of finance and technology. This book covers the liberalization of financial services, the establishment of regional hubs, and the embracement of FinTech innovation. The three pillars of Singapore as The FinTech Nation are the ecosystem, the regulators, and relentless individuals who have developed a playbook to establish synergy and achieved outsized outcomes in a short period. This book aspires to bring together stories and journeys of founders along with the enablers of the ecosystem. It will show how access to capital, customers, the talent pool and policy initiatives have led to success. It aims to inspire the next generation of founders to build their ventures to bring technology to the masses and improve the lives of billions.


Singapore's economic policies are a unique example of globally balancing social welfare with economic development. Singapore develops regulations and policies in a way where community stakeholders can have a voice in the process. During the journey to becoming The Fintech Nation, Singapore picked key focus areas of innovation like payments, blockchain, artificial intelligence, retirement solutions and green finance.


As a small country built on foundations of trade and commerce, Singapore has long practised Singanomics - a system of economics that hinges on strong state-driven development, gradual liberalization in each sector to ensure that they remain competitive and ensures the effectiveness of private enterprises so that Singapore remains one of the best places to do business globally. An iron fist in a velvet glove, it ensures global competitiveness and excellence by leveraging on policy and other governance instruments of influence. Singapore's approach is to let the market forces define the majority of outcomes, while a progressive government develops the broader structure and guidelines.

About the Authors

 Varun Mittal is the FinTech Leader of EY Global Emerging Markets and is also the founder of the Singapore Fintech Association, which is the mainstay of the fintech ecosystem of startups and even unicorns in Singapore. As EY Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader, Varun is responsible for EY FinTech business development in 130 emerging markets across the globe. Varun has deep experience in the FinTech domain and is skilled in cross-border management of FinTech operations and business planning, digital banking innovation and strategy, and regulatory strategy development (M&A). His specialization also covers FinTech ecosystem development, FinTech strategy development and implementation, FinTech corporate finance due diligence, and solution development and intrapreneurship. Varun is also serial investor as limited partner to multiple funds and startups with multiple successful exits as an investor.

Dr Lillian Koh, Ph.D is the Research Director at Curtin University, Singapore and is the Founder of the Fintech Academy. She has organized several Fintech Conferences in Singapore including the inaugural International Conference in Vietnam in 2019.  She is a much sought-after speaker. She was invited to speak on fintech by central banks in Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia, OECD, as well professional bodies like the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and universities in Singapore, China, New Zealand, Australia and ASEAN countries. She has also been appointed consultant to the World Bank, Citi Global, Pearson and National Healthcare Group.  After serving 17 years at the Ministry of Education Singapore and another 17 years at the Nanyang Technological University, she founded Fintech Academy.





Chapter 1 – A Playbook for Building an Ecosystem: Engage, Experiment, Execute and Empathy

Chapter 2 - Optimum Regulation, Maximum Compliance

Chapter 3 – It takes a Village to Raise a Child

Chapter 4 – Hub-It-ology

Chapter 5 – Equalizers to Promote the Ecosystem

Chapter 6 – Orchestrate Network Effects

Chapter 7 – Bounce Back

Chapter 8 – Perceptual Reality

Chapter 9 – Talent Initiatives and Development

Chapter 10 – Roadmap – Power of Maps


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