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AE Research Methods For The Behavioral Sciences 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814846370)

AE Research Methods For The Behavioral Sciences 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814846370)
AE Research Methods For The Behavioral Sciences 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814846370)


  • Appendices support the primary narrative.
  • MindTap for Gravetter and Forzano's Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences includes useful features -- an ebook, previews with quizzes, modular (section) quizzes, and practice tests (all with learning opportunities like immediate feedback, explanations, and retaking options).
  • Instructor resources include extensive PowerPoint® slides detailing each chapter and a test bank organized by section, with each item keyed by Learning Objective, level of difficulty, and Blooms Taxonomy.
  • The authors' student-friendly approach includes an informal, conversational writing style that emphasizes discussion and explanation of topics, rather than a simple "cookbook" presentation of facts.
  • Pedagogical aids include chapter Learning Objectives, chapter overviews, chapter summaries, and a list of keywords for quick review at the end of each chapter.
  • Learning Objectives are linked to Learning Check questions at the end of each section, the exercises at the end of each chapter, and the test bank questions to assist with your assessment efforts.
  • Organized according to the research process, the book is appropriate for use in a lecture-only class, a class with a lab component, or a class with a writing component consisting of a research proposal or report.
  • The order of several chapters can be varied to meet the requirements of different instructors.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction, Acquiring Knowledge, and the Scientific Method.
2. Research Ideas and Hypotheses.
3. Defining and Measuring Variables.
4. Ethics in Research.
5. Selecting Research Participants.
6. Research Strategies and Validity.
7. The Experimental Research Strategy.
8. Experimental Designs: Between-Subjects Design.
9. Experimental Designs: Within-Subjects Design.
10. The Nonexperimental and Quasi-Experimental Strategies: Nonequivalent Group, Pre–Post, and Developmental Designs.
11. Factorial Designs.
12. The Correlational Research Strategy.
13. The Descriptive Research Strategy.
14. Single-Case Experimental Research Designs.
15. Statistical Evaluation of Data.
16. Writing an APA-Style Research Report.

A. Random Number Table and Instruction.
B. Statistics Demonstrations and Statistical Tables.
C. Instructions for Using SPSS.
D. Sample APA-Style Research Report Manuscript for Publication.

Name Index.
Subject Index.

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