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AE Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834711)

AE Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834711)
AE Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834711)


Used extensively by professionals, organizations and schools across the country, Reilly/Brown/Leeds' INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, 11th Edition, combines solid theory with practical applications to help students learn how to manage their money to maximize their earning potential. Now streamlined into a succinct 18 chapters, the text has been thoroughly revised to present content that is vital to a thorough understanding of investment management in the most effective way. It uses real-world illustrations and hands-on exercises to bring investment concepts to life for students. The 11th edition continues its tradition of unparalleled international coverage. It also offers expanded discussions of the impact of changes in both technology and regulations on the functioning and organization of global security markets and devotes three chapters to derivatives securities.



  • Ethics Emphasis: Insightful discussions of codes of ethics highlight the importance--and sometimes lack--of ethics in today's financial markets, prompting students to examine and shore up their personal principles and values and make the important decisions well before they actually have to face them.
  • Concise Presentation: More streamlined than ever, the 11th edition delivers comprehensive yet succinct coverage, providing just the right amount of detail to ensure solid student understanding while giving you the flexibility to cover more ground in the span of the course.
  • Global Perspective: INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, 11th edition, continues to lead the market with the most comprehensive coverage of international issues available.


Table of Contents

1. The Investment Setting.
2. Asset Allocation and Security Selection.
3. Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets.
4. Security Market Indexes and Index Funds.
5. Efficient Capital Markets, Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis.
6. Introduction to Portfolio Management.
7. Asset Pricing Models.
8. Introduction to Financial Statement and Security Analysis.
9. Stock Market and Industry Analysis.
10. Company Analysis.
11. Equity Portfolio Management Strategies.
12. Bond Fundamentals and Valuation.
13. Bond Analysis and Portfolio Management Strategies.
14. Introduction to Derivative Markets and Securities.
15. Forward, Futures and Swap Contracts.
16. Option Contracts and Other Embedded Derivatives.
17. Active Portfolio Management, Alternative Assets and Industry Ethics.
18. Evaluation of Portfolio Performance.

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