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Group Dynamics 7th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834582)

Group Dynamics 7th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834582)
Group Dynamics 7th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834582)

Offering the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of groups and teams available, GROUP DYNAMICS, 7th Edition, combines an emphasis on theory, empirical studies, and extended case studies to illustrate the application of concepts to actual groups. Author Donelson R. Forsyth builds each chapter around a real-life case, drawing on examples from a range of disciplines including psychology, management, law, education, sociology, and political science. Tightly weaving concepts and familiar ideas together, the text takes students beyond simple exposure to basic principles and research findings to a deeper understanding of each topic.



  • The author explores topics that are interesting to both theoretically minded basic research scientists and applications-oriented group experts.
  • The text is reader-friendly, and includes pedagogical features such as a running glossary, chapter outline, detailed chapter summary, self-assessment exercises, and suggested readings. Each chapter is broken up into three or four major sections that can be read at a single sitting and uses headings and subheadings liberally to help readers recognize the chapter's organization.
  • Examining all aspects of groups and teams, the text devotes entire chapters to topics such as research methods, group formation, group development and socialization, structure, influence, leadership, performance, and intergroup relations.
  • Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the latest work in team, group, and organizational science is integrated with established, well-supported principles in the field.
  • A unique two-column format makes the subject matter accessible and easy to read.
  • Taking a multidisciplinary perspective, the text provides in-depth coverage of key concepts and theories across a range of disciplines, as well as the empirical studies that support conclusions based on those theories.


Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Group Dynamics.
2. Studying Groups.
3. Inclusion and Identity.
4. Formation.
5. Cohesion and Development.
6. Structure.
7. Influence.
8. Power.
9. Leadership.
10. Performance.
11. Teams.
12. Decision Making.
13. Conflict.
14. Intergroup Relations.
15. Groups in Context.
16. Growth and Change.
17. Crowds and Collectives.

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