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AE Practical Management Science 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834476)

AE Practical Management Science 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834476)
AE Practical Management Science 6th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834476)
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  • ISBN: 9789814834476


  • CENGAGE ONLINE MINDTAP COURSE DELIVERY SYSTEM IS THE DIGITAL LEARNING SOLUTION THAT POWERS STUDENTS FROM MEMORIZATION TO MASTERY. MindTap includes hundreds of multiple choice problem solving questions for testing students. It gives you complete control of your course -- to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. Customize the interactive syllabi, emphasize the most important topics, and add your own material or notes in the e-Book. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap.
  • MODELING SKILLS ARE EMPHASIZED THROUGH THE USE OF MICROSOFT® EXCEL 2016. The use of spreadsheets, integrated throughout the book, allows students with varying mathematical backgrounds to build upon their skills as they work through sophisticated problems. Many examples use "Big Picture" diagrams to ease the transition from problem statements to actual spreadsheet models.
  • CONTENT EQUIPS STUDENTS WITH THE MOST UP-TO-DATE TOOLS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS. The edition teaches students to work with important professional add-ins including the Palisade DecisionTools Suite with @RISK, StatTools, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, Evolver, and BigPicture. Students also work with SolverTable, which allows users to complete sensitivity analysis on optimization models.
  • RELEVANT MATERIAL CONNECTS WITH A BROAD RANGE OF BUSINESS MAJORS. Interdisciplinary examples and problems from finance, marketing, and operations research cover such topics as portfolio selection, options, and pricing models. Students remain engaged as they see the importance of what they're learning throughout your course.
  • AUTHORS PROVIDE A VARIETY OF PROBLEMS FOR YOUR FLEXIBILITY. This edition provides four types of problems -- level A, level B, modeling, and cases – that are graded within sections and chapters. This assortment of problems gives you additional options as you assign homework.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Modeling.  
2. Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling.  
3. Introduction to Optimization Modeling.  
4. Linear Programming Models.  
5. Network Models.  
6. Optimization Models with Integer Variables.  
7. Nonlinear Optimization Models.  
8. Evolutionary Solver: An Alternative Optimization Procedure.  
9. Decision Making Under Uncertainty.  
10. Introduction to Simulation Modeling.  
11. Simulation Models.  
12. Queueing Models.  
13. Regression and Forecasting Models.  
14. Data Mining  
15. Project Management (MindTap only).  
16. Multiobjective Decision Making (MindTap only).  
17. Inventory and Supply Chain Models (MindTap only).


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