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AE Theories Personality 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834360)

AE Theories Personality 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834360)
AE Theories Personality 11th Edition (ISBN: 9789814834360)


Filled with updated research and findings, Schultz and Schultz's THEORIES OF PERSONALITY, 11th Edition gives students a clear and cogent introduction to this dynamic field. Organized by theory, this popular text discusses major theorists who represent psychoanalytic, neopsychoanalytic, lifespan, trait, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, and social-learning approaches, while demonstrating the influence of events in theorists' personal and professional lives on the development of their theories. The text reviews current work on selected facets of personality including locus of control, sensation seeking, learned helplessness, optimism-pessimism, and positive psychology. The authors also explore the ways in which race, gender, and cultural issues play a part in the study of personality and in personality assessment. The final chapter, "Personality in Perspective," integrates topics explored in previous chapters and suggests conclusions that can be drawn from the many theorists' work.




  • Research findings are summarized throughout the text in "Highlights" boxes; bullet point lists help students organize and compare the results of research studies.
  • This edition presents material on the effects of gender, ethnicity, and culture on the issues of personality development, test performance, and the broader conceptions of human nature.
  • Each theory is presented in a unit that clearly conveys that theory's ideas, assumptions, definitions, and methods.
  • "Questions about Human Nature" sections examine six fundamental issues: free will vs. determinism, nature vs. nurture, the importance of childhood experiences, uniqueness vs. universality, goals, and optimism vs. pessimism.
  • Chapter outlines, chapter summaries, critical-thinking review questions, key terms, a margin glossary, a full glossary, a complete reference list, and annotated reading lists help students master the material.


Table of Contents

1. Studying Personality: Assessment, Research, and Theory.
2. Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalysis.
3. Carl Jung: Analytical Psychology.
4. Alfred Adler: Individual Psychology.
5. Karen Horney: Neurotic Needs and Trends.
6. Erik Erikson: Identity Theory.
7. Gordon Allport: Motivation and Personality.
8. Raymond Cattell, Hans Eysenck, and Other Trait Theorists.
9. Abraham Maslow: Needs-Hierarchy Theory.
10. Carl Rogers: Self-Actualization Theory.
11. George Kelly: Personal Construct Theory.
12. B. F. Skinner: Reinforcement Theory.
13. Albert Bandura: Modeling Theory.
14. Mini-Theories: Locus of Control, Sensation Seeking, Learned Helplessness, Optimism/Pessimism, Positive Psychology, Happiness and Success.
15. Personality in Perspective.
Author Index.
Subject Index.

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