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Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 9789675371684)

Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 9789675371684)
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Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 9789675371684)


Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition, is a clear, logical and current examination of Malaysian company law. Thoroughly updated to reflect all legislative changes since the last edition, the text includes legislative provisions, recent cases, law reform initiatives and other materials to provide students, lecturers and practitioners a solid foundation for understanding the principles of company law. Case material is integrated with the text to provide a clear explanation of the principles under discussion in this ever-changing area of law.


The main legislative changes incorporated in this edition stem from the Companies (Amendment) Act 2007 and Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. There is increased coverage of corporate governance and Chapter 13 has been expanded to include important changes in the area of directors' duties. The introduction of the statutory derivative action has also been discussed extensively in Chapter 17.


New cases have also been incorporated into the various chapters of this book to help its users understand how the law has been applied to factual situations. The book also takes into account the various guidelines that have been issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia to assist persons in registering companies with the Commission. Written with a particular focus on Malaysia, the book will nevertheless be useful to interested parties from other jurisdictions.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introductions to Malaysian Company Law
Chapter 2: Incorporation and Its Effects
Chapter 3: Types of Companies
Chapter 4: The Company Constitution: Memorandum and Articles
Chapter 5: The Company's Relations with Outsiders
Chapter 6: Promoters and Pre-incorporation Contracts
Chapter 7: Prospectuses
Chapter 8: Share Capital
Chapter 9: Membership
Chapter 10: Dividends
Chapter 11: Debentures and Loan Capital
Chapter 12: Directors
Chapter 13: Corporate Governance and Duties of Directors
Chapter 14: Meetings
Chapter 15: Company Accounts and Annual Returns
Chapter 16: Auditors
Chapter 17: Member's Remedies
Chapter 18: Takeovers
Chapter 19: Prohibited Market Practices
Chapter 20: Inspections
Chapter 21: Schemes of Arrangement
Chapter 22: Receivership
Chapter 23: Liquidations

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