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Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292221410)

Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292221410)
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Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292221410)

A streamlined presentation of key organizational behavior concepts

Essentials of Organizational Behavior teaches students how to communicate and interact within organizations, through real-world scenarios. The text offers comprehensive coverage of key organizational behavior (OB) concepts, making each lesson engaging and easy to absorb. Students can use the book’s concepts to apply what they’ve learned to their own education, future career plans, and other organizational endeavors.

Currently used at more than 500 colleges and universities worldwide, Essentials of Organizational Behavior serves as a popular resource so students can learn and understand the most important concepts in OB. With updated research and the integration of contemporary global issues, the 14th Edition focuses on the most relevant OB concepts that resonate with students.



·     Extensive reorganization of all chapters with new headings and subsections make navigating the print and digital versions of the text easier.

·     Increased coverage of contemporary global issues was added into topic discussions.

·     Increased content coverage includes updated research, relevant discussion, and new exhibits on the current organizational behavior landscape. Topics include Attitudes and Behavior, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Person Perception: Making Judgments about Others, and more.

·     More cross-references between chapters help link themes and concepts throughout the text, providing a deeper understanding of topics.


Table of Contents

Part 1: An Introduction

1. Welcome to the World of OB

Part 2: Individual Differences

2. Attitudes

3. Emotions

4. Personality Factors

5. Perceptual Processes

6. Valuing Diversity

7. Basic Motivation

8. Applied Motivation


Part 3: Groups in Organizations

9. Communication

10. Basics of Group Behavior

11. From Groups to Teams

12. Characteristics of Leaders

13. Power and Politics in Organizations

14. Conflict in Organizations


Part 4: Organizational Systems

15. Organization Structure and Design

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