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Mathematics for Economics and Business (ISBN: 9781292191669)

Mathematics for Economics and Business (ISBN: 9781292191669)
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Mathematics for Economics and Business (ISBN: 9781292191669)

An essential resource for anyone studying mathematics as part of their economics, management or business course.

Mathematics for Economics and Business   assumes very little prior knowledge of maths, starting with the basics and gradually building up to more advanced topics, making is suitable for use on both low- and high-level quantitative methods courses.

Now in its ninth edition, the book has added even more examples and practice questions, encouraging students to tackle problems for themselves as they read through each section. Worked examples clearly illustrate the link between maths and the business world and more challenging questions for those with advanced mathematical knowledge are included in starred sections. Detailed solutions to all questions are provided so that students can check their own progress, making it an ideal text for self-study.



  • The informal, accessible writing style used by Ian Jacques is a key feature of his book, making concepts easy to follow, even for those previously daunted by mathematics  .
  • Worked examples in each chapter set mathematics in context, relating concepts to real economic and business-related problems.
  • Starred exercises offer more challenging problems to stretch those who have studied maths in greater depth before.
  • Answers to every question are given in the back of the book, allowing you to check your own progress and understanding.
  • Wide-ranging topic coverage make this book suitable for all students studying for on any economics or business degree, regardless of their prior mathematical knowledge. The book starts from elementary concepts such as percentages and linear equations and moves to more sophisticated topics such as constrained optimisation of multivariate functions.


New to this Edition

·      200 additional questions have been added to this new edition: a range of multiple choice and longer examination-style questions – invaluable for revision.

·      An even stronger link between mathematics and the world of business - more worked examples and problems are now specifically business-related.

·      More challenging problems have been included in the starred exercises sections.  

Table of Contents

1. Linear Equations

2. Non-Linear Equations

3. Mathematics of Finance

4. Differentiation

5. Partial Differentiation

6. Integration

7. Matrices

8. Linear Programming

9. Dynamics  


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