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Torrington: Human Resource Management_p10 (ISBN: 9781292129099)

Torrington: Human Resource Management_p10 (ISBN: 9781292129099)
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Torrington: Human Resource Management_p10 (ISBN: 9781292129099)

This latest edition of Torrington et al, Human Resource Management delivers an authoritative and engaging approach to HRM. Praised for its coverage and pedagogy, Human Resource Management is suitable for CIPD accredited courses and shorter modules on general business courses.



Pedagogical features of this text are

‘Theory into Practice’ and ‘Window on Practice’ that enable students to understand and apply HRM concepts through practical examples

Activities and discussion boxes that encourage critical thinking and understanding


    Table of Contents

    Part 1 Human Resource Management in a changing world  

    1   The Nature of HRM   

    2   The Global Context of HRM  

    3 Comparative HRM              

    4 Strategic HRM

    5 HR Planning and Analytics  

    6 Employability: Basic HR skills        

    Part 2   Resourcing    

    7 Organisational Flexibility and Agility     

    8    Recruitment

    9 Selection Methods and Decisions

    10   Employability: Skills in resourcing   


    Part 3   Performance      

    11   Employee Performance Management    

    12        Leading people        

    13   Engagement and Retention   

    14        Managing Attendance and Absence     

    15 Employability: skills in performance   


    Part 4  Development  

    16   Organisation development and change         

    17   The Context of Employee Learning and Development    

    18   Learning and Development         

    19   Talent and Career Development

    20    Employability: skills in learning and development   


    Part 5  Employee Relations

    21   Employee Voice  

    22   The Legal Framework of Work    

    23   Equal Opportunities and Diversity     

    24   Employability: skills in employment relations  

    Part 6  Reward  

      25  Total Reward and Setting Pay

      26  Incentives      

      27  Pensions and Benefits

      28  Employability: skills in payment


    Part 7 Contemporary Issues  

     29   Ethics and Reputational Management  

     30   Managing the HR Function         

     31 Health and Wellbeing   

     32   Managing the International Workforce  

     33   Advanced HR Skills


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