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Operations Management (ISBN: 9781292098678)

Operations Management (ISBN: 9781292098678)
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Operations Management (ISBN: 9781292098678)


  • There are now more than 110 of the popular ‘Operations in Practice’ examples throughout the book, over 40% of which are new .
  • The importance of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been emphasized further, and included throughout the book.
  • We have even further strengthened the emphasis on the idea that ‘operations management’ is relevant to every type of business and all functional areas of the organization.
  • Many new ideas in operations management have been incorporated, including the ‘three level’ approach to performance, the relationship between innovation, creativity and design, crowdsourcing, ideas management, business ecosystems, triadic relationships, office layout, telecommuting and organisational ‘ambidexterity’. However, we have retained the emphasis on the foundations of the subject.
  • Six of the 19 cases at the end of the chapter are new ‚Ä®(but the old ones are still available on the web site), and ‚Ä®provide an up-to-date selection of operations issues.


Table of Contents

Part One


Chapter 1 Operations management

Chapter 2 Operations performance

Chapter 3 Operations strategy

Chapter 4 Product and service innovation

Chapter 5 The structure and scope of operations

Supplement to Chapter 5


Part Two


Chapter 6 Process design

Chapter 7 Layout and flow

Chapter 8 Process technology

Chapter 9 People in operations

Supplement to Chapter 9

Work study

Part Three


Chapter 10 Planning and control

Chapter 11 Capacity management

Supplement to Chapter 11

Analytical queuing models

Chapter 12 Supply chain management

Chapter 13 Inventory management

Chapter 14 Planning and control systems

Supplement to Chapter 14

Materials requirements planning (MRP)

Chapter 15 Lean operations

Part Four


Chapter 16 Operations improvement

Chapter 17 Quality management

Supplement to Chapter 17

Statistical process control

Chapter 18 Managing risk and recovery

Chapter 19 Project management

Notes on chapters




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