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Digital Planet: Pearson New International Edition (ISBN: 9781292021065)

Digital Planet: Pearson New International Edition (ISBN: 9781292021065)
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Digital Planet: Pearson New International Edition (ISBN: 9781292021065)


  • For introductory courses in computer concepts often including instruction in Microsoft Office.
  • Explores the promises and challenges of information technology, along with its effect on businesses, people, society, and the future.
  • Digital Planet: Tomorrow’s Technology and You explores information technology on three levels:
    • Explanations: Clearly explains what a computer is and what it can (and can’t) do; it clearly explains the basics of information technology, from multimedia PCs to the Internet and beyond.
    • Applications: Illustrates how computers and networks are—and will be—used as practical tools to solve a wide variety of problems.
    • Implications: Puts technology in a human context, illustrating how digital devices and networks affect our lives, our world, and our future.
    • This book has always featured an engaging writing and presentation style that clarifies complex ideas, and an uncompromising eye on the technological horizon that will define our future.
  • Digital Planet includes several unique feature boxes that add value for students, instructors, and casual readers.Many of these boxes are new or updated for this edition:
  • How it Works boxes provide additional technical material on more complex topics. For classes where this kind of technical detail isn’t necessary, students can skip these boxes.
  • Working Wisdom boxes contain relevant and intriguing tips that can help readers produce better results and steer clear of trouble.
  • Screen Tests show what it’s like to use a software application to achieve specific goals. They provide students with a glimpse of programs they might not otherwise experience.
  • Inventing the Future boxes provide futuristic perspectives at the end of every chapter.
  • Completely updated Crosscurrents articles are some of the best contemporary, short essays focusing on our complex relationship with technology. Topics include the erosion of personal privacy, the abuse of intellectual property laws, the impact of digital technology on human brain function, and the ethics of intelligent machines.

Table of Contents

1. Exploring Our Digital Planet
2. Hardware Basics: Inside the Box
3. Hardware Basics: Peripherals
4. Software Basics: The Ghost in the Machine
5. Productivity Applications
6. Graphics, Digital Media, and Multimedia
7. Database Applications and Privacy Implications
8. Networking and Digital Communication
9. The Evolving Internet
10. Computer Security and Risks
11. Computers at Work, School, and Home
12. Information Systems in Business
13. E-Commerce and E-Business The Evolving Internet Economy
14. Systems Design and Development
15. Is Artificial Intelligence Real?

Appendix A Basics

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