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Foundations of Economics, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292018362)

Foundations of Economics, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292018362)
Foundations of Economics, Global Edition (ISBN: 9781292018362)
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  • ISBN: 9781292018362


  • Foundations of Economics is structured to encourage learning by doing. Its Checklist/Checkpoint system provides a practice-oriented framework, consisting of the following elements:
  • Checklists at the beginning of each chapter preview the 3—5 key ideas students need to know. Each chapter is broken into discrete sections devoted to one of these ideas.
  • Checkpoints at the end of each section present a practice problem with a guided solution and a parallel exercise for the student to try.
  • Chapter Checkpoints at the conclusion of each chapter include a summary of key points and key terms, and additional practice opportunities such as problems, news analysis questions, critical thinking questions, and online exercises.
  • End-of-chapter features prompt students to apply what they’re learning.
  • News-based end-of-chapter questions provide news summaries and prompt students to apply economics to issues in the news.
  • Web exercises prompt students to seek out real data on the web and use it to answer questions.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. Getting Started
2. The U.S. and Global Economies
3. The Economic Problem
4. Demand and Supply

II. A Closer Look at Markets
5. Elasticities of Demand and Supply
6. Efficiency and Fairness of Markets

III. How Governments Influence the Economy
7. Government Actions in Markets
8. Taxes
9. Global Markets in Action

IV. Market Failure and Public Policy
10. Externalities
11. Public Goods and Common Resources
12. Markets with Private Information

V. A Closer Look at Decision Makers
13. Consumer Choice and Demand
14 Production and Cost

VI. Prices, Profits, and Industry Performance
15 Perfect Competition
16 Monopoly
17 Monopolistic Competition
18 Oligopoly

VII. Incomes and Inequality
19 Markets for Factors of Production
20 Economic Inequality

VIII. Monitoring the Macroeconomy
21. GDP: A Measure of Total Production and Income
22. Jobs and Unemployment
23. The CPI and the Cost of Living



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