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Air Pollution Control Engineering (ISBN: 9781259007484)

Air Pollution Control Engineering (ISBN: 9781259007484)
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Air Pollution Control Engineering (ISBN: 9781259007484)

Air Pollution Control Engineering is intended as an overview of the subject for university seniors and graduate students. It may also be of value as a reference work to engineers who are professionally active in air pollution control.


This book is devoted to control devices, their theory and practice. It also includes topics that form some of the background for the selection and design of such devices, e.g. air pollution effects, the structure of U.S. air pollution law, atmospheric models, etc. 

Table of Contents



1. Introduction to Air Pollution Control 

2. Air Pollution Effects 

3. Air Pollution Control Laws and Regulations, Air Pollution Control Philosophies 

4. Air Pollution Measurements, Emission Estimates 

5. Meteorology for Air Pollution Control Engineers 

6. Air Pollutant Concentration Models 

7. General Ideas in Air Pollution Control 

8. The Nature of Particulate Pollutants 

9. Control of Primary Particulates 

10. Control of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 

11. Control of Sulfur Oxides 

12. Control of Nitrogen Oxides 

13. The Motor Vehicle Problem 

14. Air Pollutants and Global Climate 

15. Other Topics


A. Useful Values 

B. Table of Acronyms 

C. Fuels 

D. Elementary Chemistry of Ozone Production 

E. Adsorber Breakthrough Time 

F. Answers to Selected Problems 



  • Covers both the dimensions of air pollution phenomenology and control technology.

  • In many areas of the text, the discussion on most topics is presented simply, in a clear and direct manner that is easily understood by the student.

  • Numerous examples and problems are placed throughout the text, illustrating a more complex and complete treatment of the topics. 

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