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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Business Studies Revised Coursebook (ISBN: 9781108563987)

Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Business Studies Revised Coursebook (ISBN: 9781108563987)
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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Business Studies Revised Coursebook (ISBN: 9781108563987)
This coursebook contains exam-style case studies and stimulus material from businesses around the world – ranging from a social enterprise in China to a fast food outlet in Zimbabwe. These give an international view of the real world applications of Business Studies theory. This book provides comprehensive exam support with questions to help students practise and build their confidence with the subject. The final chapter gives revision tips and advice on writing well-structured answers. The answers to the coursebook questions are in the teacher’s resource. For free revision support, go to the Cambridge University Press website.


  • Case studies from around the world – such as a social enterprise in China and a fast food outlet in Zimbabwe – put the subject in the context of real business situations.
  • Exemplar examination questions help familiarise students with the style of questions they’ll encounter in the exams.
  • Activities build key skills required by the assessment objectives – application, analysis and evaluation.
  • Learning objectives provide clear aims at the very outset.
  • Introductions make the content covered in the chapters relevant to real life.
  • Look for the supplementary materials section on this page for extra revision questions, word searches and multiple choice questions for your class.


Introduction Section 1. Understanding business activity:
1. Business activity 2. Classification of businesses 3. Enterprise, business growth and size 4. Types of business organisation 5. Business objectives and stakeholder objectives Exam-style case study
Section 2. People in business:
6. Motivating workers 7. Organisation and management 8. Recruitment, selection and training of employees 9. Internal and external communication Exam-style case study Section 3. Marketing:
10. Marketing, competition and the customer 11. Market research 12. Marketing mix: product and price 13. Marketing mix: place and promotion 14. Marketing strategy Exam-style case study Section 4. Operations management:
15. Production of goods and services 16. Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis 17. Achieving quality production 18. Location decisions Exam-style case study Section 5. Financial information and decisions:
19. Business finance: needs and sources 20. Cash-flow forecasting and working capital 21. Income statements 22. Statement of financial position 23. Analysis of accounts Exam-style case study Section 6. External influences on business activity:
24. Economic issues 25. Environmental and ethical issues 26. Business and the international economy Exam-style case study 27. Preparing for assessment Glossary Index Acknowledgements.

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