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Cambridge IGCSE™ Chinese as a Second Language Coursebook (Optional) (ISBN: 9781108438957)

Cambridge IGCSE™ Chinese as a Second Language Coursebook (Optional) (ISBN: 9781108438957)
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Cambridge IGCSE™ Chinese as a Second Language Coursebook (Optional) (ISBN: 9781108438957)
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  • ISBN: 9781108438957
With topics ranging from festivals to travel and technology, each unit is based around one authentic Mandarin Chinese text and audio recording. This mix of content helps students engage with the subject and develop their ability to handle real language materials. Audio recordings (available online) help students practise the new listening aspect of the course, while ‘Culture boxes’ provide interesting insights into Chinese culture. Students will work collaboratively with others – sometimes in pairs and other times in groups – to develop language skills through communication. Answers to the coursebook questions are in the digital teacher’s resource.


  • A range of reading comprehension texts including emails, blogs and newspaper articles help students create different types of written pieces.
  • Learning objectives and warm-up exercises at the beginning of each unit prepare students for the work ahead.
  • 'Culture boxes' provide interesting insights into Chinese cultures and provide talking points for students to practise language in the classroom.
  • Each unit includes a variety of activities that help develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in a practical, communicative way.


1. School and education
2. Future career plans
3. Friendship
4. Peer pressure
5. Generation gap
6. Youth life
Reading and writing focus
7. Healthy eating
8. Sports and exercise
9. Film and the media
10. Hobbies
11. Communication and technology
12. Country and city lifestyles
Listening focus
13. Scientific advancement
14. Travel
15. Pollution and global warming
16. Recycling
17. Festivals
18. Customs and culinary diversity
Speaking focus
Grammar list. Introduction
1. 学校和教育
2. 未来教育与计划
3. 友情
4. 同伴压力
5. 代沟
6. 青年生活
7. 健康饮食
8. 运动与健身
9. 电影与媒体
10. 爱好
11. 互联网
12. 城乡生活
13. 科技与教育
14. 旅游
15. 环境污染
16. 回收资源与可再生能源
17. 节日和庆典
18. 风俗与饮食文化
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