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Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 9 (ISBN: 9781107667488)

Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 9 (ISBN: 9781107667488)
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Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 9 (ISBN: 9781107667488)
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12 themed units designed to appeal to students (aged 13–14).

Each unit starts with an introduction to prepare students for what they will learn in the unit, followed by a starter activity.

Each unit culminates in a piece of extended writing or a presentation.

Rigorous language practice and teaching of key concepts.

Coverage of the five framework content areas: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary; Grammar and Punctuation; Reading; Writing; Speaking and Listening.

Engaging activities to develop reading and writing skills.

Integrated speaking and listening tasks.

A full range of stimulus materials, including a wide variety of text types, with fiction and non-fiction from around the world.

Key point boxes to explain and remind students of important learning points relating to curriculum skills.

Tip boxes to give guidance and support for specific activities or provide useful information.



Unit 1. Art, Design and Fashion: Speech

News article

Informative articles

encyclopedia entry

magazine article

Unit 2. Modern Living: Magazine articles

Advisory texts


Unit 3. Language and Communication: Newspaper articles

Web article


Unit 4. Division and Conflict: Anthem

Protest song


Novel extract


Unit 5. Facing the Future: Film

Review extracts

Novel extract

Short story opening

Short story

Magazine article

Reflective letter

Unit 6. Making choices: Poem

Magazine article

Drama extracts


Reflective prose poem

Fairy tale

Unit 7. Education Matters: Magazine articles


Newspaper article

Satirical dramatic monologue poem

Drama extract

Unit 8. Caring and Sharing: Fact list

News and magazine articles

Fictional autobiography extract

Diary extracts

Appeal letter

Charity magazine

Website information

Unit 9. Crime and Law: Public information brochure

Extract from detective novel

News article

Short story extract

Complete short stories

Unit 10. All in a Day’s Work: Day in life monologues

Novel extract

Week’s diary entries


Unit 11. Wings and Wheels: Biographical article

Novel extract

Informative article

Magazine article

Product review

Unit 12. Seeing Things Differently: Informative article

Novel extract

Day in the life monologue

Web articles


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