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Cambridge Global English Stage 9 Workbook (ISBN: 9781107635203)

Cambridge Global English Stage 9 Workbook (ISBN: 9781107635203)
Cambridge Global English Stage 9 Workbook (ISBN: 9781107635203)
Workbook 9 is organised into eighteen thematic units of study based on the Cambridge International Examinations English as a Second Language Scheme of Work for Stage 9. The units are carefully structured to reinforce the language learning of the Coursebook, at the same time as extending students’ knowledge via a range of exercise types. CEFR Level: B1+.


  • Stages 7-9 help to prepare learners for the Cambridge International Examinations Secondary 1 Checkpoint test.
  • 18 thematic units mapped to the Coursebook units.
  • Comprehensive grammar reference section included, which supplements both the Workbook and the Coursebook.
  • Study skills features offer helpful guidance to students.
  • Skills-based approach to language learning.
  • Wide variety of exercise types.
  • Tasks carefully selected to appeal to the age range.


UNIT 1. Family ties:
1. Family life 2. Twins reunited 3. Well done! UNIT 2. Personal appearance:
1. All dressed up 2. My style 3. A fashion classic UNIT 3. Moods and feelings:
1. Ups and downs 2. Problems and solutions 3. Beyond words UNIT 4. The world of music:
1. What does music mean to you? 2. West meets East through music 3. The sound of music UNIT 5. Health and diseases:
1. A game changer 2. What helps you to be healthy? 3. The story of vaccination UNIT 6. Leisure time:
1. Leisure for pleasure 2. Finding time 3. A good night's sleep UNIT 7. Energy resources:
1. A tropical paradise 2. What does it mean to be green? 3. The power of nature UNIT 8. Industrial revolution:
1. Water for food 2. Full steam ahead 3. Can it or cool it! UNIT 9. Handling data:
1. Facts and figures 2. What are the facts? 3. What can numbers tell you? UNIT 10. Giving presentations:
1. Picture it 2. Getting your message across 3. From ideas to words UNIT 11. Learning and training:
1. Good teachers, good learners 2. Team spirit 3. What have you been doing? UNIT 12. Making a living:
1. The ideal job 2. Part-time and summer jobs 3. Young entrepreneurs UNIT 13. Population and resources:
1. People and places 2. Japan: A case study 3. Water for the world UNIT 14. Cultures and customs:
1. What's in a name? 2. Ceremonies and formal occasions 3. Pearls of wisdom UNIT 15. The digital age:
1. Zoom in 2. A good idea 3. The future is digital UNIT 16. Light and sound:
1. A trick of the light 2. How we see the world 3. Sounds good to me UNIT 17. Right and wrong:
1. Crime and punishment 2. Doing the right thing 3. The scene of the crime UNIT 18. A performance in English:
1. All the world's a stage 2. On stage, off stage 3. From script to performance Grammar reference
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Cambridge - Year 9
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