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Discover Science: Senses (ISBN: 9780753430033)

Discover Science: Senses (ISBN: 9780753430033)
Discover Science: Senses (ISBN: 9780753430033)


Discover Science is designed to capture the imagination of the youngest readers with bright dynamic photography, and just the right amount of core information. With key vocabulary defined on each page and hands-on projects to help children engage the senses and build on what they learn, this series is a fantastic first introduction to the natural world.

Nothing is more basic to children's experience than their senses, yet explaining them in an accessible way can be a challenge. Senses is a fascinating introduction to the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. How do eyes observe the details of the surrounding world? How does the ear capture sound or the tongue capture flavor? Readers will even examine the super senses of the animal kingdom. Through this book, children will develop a whole new appreciation for their amazing senses.

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