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Management Research Methods (ISBN: 9780521694285)

Management Research Methods (ISBN: 9780521694285)
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Management Research Methods (ISBN: 9780521694285)

Management Research Methods, first published in 2007, is a comprehensive guide to the design and conduct of research in management-related disciplines such as organisational behaviour, human resource management, industrial relations, and the general field of management. Specifically, the text begins by providing an overview of the research process and in subsequent chapters explains the major types of design used in management research (correlational field studies, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, case studies, historical analysis, and action research). There are also chapters that describe the methods of data collection (interviews, questionnaires, documentation and observation) commonly employed by management researchers. In addition, the text examines the issues of reliability and validity, the construction of multi-item scales, and the methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The text concludes with a practical guide explaining how to report research findings and a discussion of the ethical issues in the conduct and practice of research.

Table of Contents


1. The research process

2. Experimental and quasi-experimental designs

3. Correlation field study (survey) designs

4. Case study research design

5. Action research designs

6. Asking questions: Questionnaires and interviews

7. Documentation and observation

8. Reliability and validity

9. Scale development

10. Quantitative data: data set-up and initial analysis

11. Quantitative data: multivariate data analysis for answering research questions and hypothesis testing

12. Content/textual data analysis

13. Writing up a quantitative or qualitative project

14. Ethical issues and conduct in the practice of research.


  • Provides comprehensive explanations of both qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques

  • Addresses important practical issues often overlooked in other management research texts, such as common method variance and how to reduce it, how to conduct historical analysis and the use of multivariate statistics in management research

  • Describes how to develop valid and reliable multi-item scales, which is omitted in nearly all management research methods texts

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