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Business Ethics and Values (ISBN: 9780273757917)

Business Ethics and Values (ISBN: 9780273757917)
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Business Ethics and Values (ISBN: 9780273757917)


  • How do corporate social responsibilities, and good or bad corporate practice, impact on business success in a global economy?
  • Are individuals responsible for the ethical outcomes of companies’ actions, or are companies themselves responsible?
  • How do you determine what course of action has the best ethical outcome for any given business situation?

Fisher, Lovell and Valero-Silva offer the reader a comprehensive introduction to the ideas and complexities of the subject of ethics in the contemporary business world whilst making it relevant to today’s business students through the inclusion of frequent interesting examples and activities that put the reader in a position where ethical questions must be considered and debated.


This fourth edition has been comprehensively updated and offers more chances for illustration and discussion of ethics in the messy day to day practicalities of modern business through a wide range of case studies, examples and exercises. Online support material, including new interactive tools and exercises, can be found for this book at


Table of Contents

PART A    Business ethics matters: what is it and why does it matter?
Chapter 1   Perspectives on business ethics and values
Chapter 2   Ethical issues in business
Chapter 3   Ethical theories and how to use them

PART B    Individuals’ responses to ethical issues
Chapter 4   Personal values and heuristics
Chapter 5   Individual responses to ethical situations
Chapter 6   Whistleblower or witness?

PART C    Organisational responses to ethical issues
Chapter 7   Corporate Governance, an organisation’s external accountability
Chapter 8   Compliance and integrity, an organisation’s internal accountability
Chapter 9   Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 10 Sustainability

PART D    The international context
Chapter 11 Global and local values – and international business
Chapter 12 Globalisation and international business
Chapter 13 Moral agency at work and a modest proposal for affecting ethics in business
Chapter 14 Concluding integrative case studies

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